“We have been privileged to be in partnership with Face-up as a supporter of our school. Kim and his team truly value partnership and community as such they enable us to provide amazing opportunities for our students. We have been supported with individual students who have specific needs to helping with school hoodies, all done with a sense of partnership not obligation.” Daniel Birch – Principal, Hobsonville Point Primary School


“Kim and FaceUp have been with us from the beginning and we have had their total support as we have developed and grown as a foundation school.  They value community and are always willing to work alongside us, making generous donations to ensure our young people have every experience possible. “Our vision for our Hobsonville Point Learner is one of personal and academic excellence; that they will develop as confident, connected, actively involved and life-long learners.  Our partnership with FaceUp supports this vision and Kim and his team are always open to finding ways to work with and support our entrepreneurial students as they inquire, explore and innovate.” Lea Vellenoweth – Deputy Principal, Hobsonville Point Secondary School


“We are very lucky to have an ongoing relationship with FaceUP Real Estate. FaceUp is very much a community minded organisation and have been great supporters of our school. Kim is both thoroughly professional in all his interactions and proactive in wanting to support the students at our school. Over the years, Kim and the team have supported our school in a number of ways. Through their generous donations, we have been able to supply our numerous Netball and our Basketball teams with uniforms. Kim has also given his time to help the school as MC for Trivial Pursuit evenings and running auctions at our Family Fun nights. We really appreciate the support of FaceUp to our students and our school community.” Maurice Young – Principal, Marina View School



“We would like to thank FaceUP for your ongoing financial support with the AIMS Games students. FaceUP’s financial support in 2016 was also appreciated. The funds provided the opportunity for the students to purchase new sports uniforms. Our sincere thanks to you and your team.” Anne Leitch – Principal, Hobsonville School